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2019 Parish Picnic - 08/18/19

The annual church picnic was held just after the end of the Dormition Fast, hosted again graciously by Nina and Longinus at their home in Elizabeth and featuring "The Band." After a great feast and much merriment, we finished the day honoring our Lord with a Vespers service.

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Palm Sunday - 04/21/19

Palm Sunday - the Entry of the Lord into Jerusalem - is one of the Twelve Great Feasts of the liturgical year. 

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Baptism - 04/20/19

May God grant Andrew many years!

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Feast Day for St. Tikhon - 04/08/19

It was a joy to have so many visitors and clergy, along with Archbishop Benjamin, for the Feast Day of St. Tikhon!

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Divine Liturgy - 04/07/19

Special guest today at the Divine Liturgy - His Eminence, Archbishop Benjamin of San Francisco and the West

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Parker Interfaith Night of Music - 03/31/19

The choir from St. Tikhon Mission was honored to participate in the 2019 Parker Interfaith Night of Music. They performed a selection of Lenten Orthodox hymns for several hundred guests from the local Parker area.

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Blessing a Business - 02/09/19

Blessing homes is an ancient tradition in the Orthodox Church. In the early part of each year, the Priest visits parish families to bless their homes and businesses with the Holy Water of Theophany. On this day, parishioners from St. Tikhon Mission gathered at Isabel's Coffee in Elizabeth, Colorado for the blessing of a business.  

O Christ our God, who has revealed thyself and illumined the world, Glory to Thee!

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Blessing of the Snowpack - 01/21/19

Several parishioners from St. Tikhon Mission joined 105 faithful attending the Continental Divide Blessing of Waters - Blessing of the Snowpack - at Monarch Pass.

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Holy Theophany, Blessing of the Waters - 01/06/19

In accord with the Church’s ancient practice, the Feast of Holy Theophany, immediately following the Twelve Days of Christmas, annually commemorates the Baptism of Christ in the Jordan by St. John the Baptist and Forerunner, son of the high priest Zacharias.

The significance of the name Theophany, or “appearance of God,” is that all three persons of the Trinity are manifested simultaneously: above God the Son, standing in the river, there is heard the voice of God the Father speaking, and there is seen the Holy Spirit descending as a dove.

Theophany is one of the twelve Great Feasts of the Orthodox Church, and is one of the few events recorded in all four Gospels: Matthew 3:13-17, Mark 1:9–11, Luke 3:21-22, and in John 1:28-37. Its observance on January 6th has been since at least the Second Century at Alexandria, Egypt.

At the Blessing of the Water service, prayers are offered for our local community, and the entire world. The service ends with the local priest, Rev. Alexander Vallens, immersing a gold cross in Cherry Creek, symbolizing Jesus Christ’s baptism in the River Jordan almost two thousand years ago.

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2018 Parish Picnic - 08/18/18

The Fifth Annual St. Tikhon Parish Picnic was hosted by one of our parish familes at their beautiful home and ranch in Elizabeth, Colorado.  Vespers was held in the evening.  Everyone had a wonderful time!

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Feed My Starving Children Event - 08/17/18

A fun group from St. Tikhon Mission joined the food packing event for Feed My Starving Children, held at Parker United Methodist Church. We were honored to serve with many other volunteers and this amazing organization to help feed hungry children around the world.

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Dave & Marie's Wedding - 07/15/18

A most blessed event at St. Tikhon Mission for the wedding of David and Marie.  May God grant them many, many years!

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2018 Archbishop Visit - 06/17/18

St. Tikhon Mission was honored to once again welcome His Eminence, Archbishop Benjamin, June 16 and 17, along with other visiting clergy, servers, and guests.  A Hierarchical Divine Liturgy was held on Sunday, followed by a fellowship meal.  *Plus, a rare all-group photo from the day*

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Grave Blessings - 04/15/18

Grave blessings and parish picnic at Chapel Hill Cemetery on a beautiful St. Thomas Sunday.

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Bright Monday and Feast for St. Tikhon - 04/09/18

On Bright Monday, we sing for Pascha and the Feast of our patron Saint Tikhon. There is much to celebrate because Christ is Risen! We are honored to welcome many visitors and clergy from around the region and to have Father Alexander directing the choir.

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Weaving of Palms - 03/31/18

A festive afternoon weaving palms at St. Tikhon Mission, and later that evening is the Vigil for Palm Sunday.

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Sunday of Orthodoxy - 02/25/18

A clear but chilly day, a procession at St. Tikhon Mission begins the week of the Triumph of Orthodoxy:
"It is today that the Holy Orthodox Church solemnly recalls its victory over the Iconoclast heresy and other heresies and gratefully remembers all who fought for the Orthodox faith in word, writing, teaching, suffering, or godly
living." -from Bishop Tikhon sermon at the Cathedral in San Francisco, 1903

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Panikhida - 02/18/18

Panikhida for our dear Jacque Kemper on the one year anniversary of her falling asleep in the Lord

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Macarius Invested to Parish Council - 01/28/18

The 4th annual parish meeting was held January 28, 2018, as we reflected upon the recent 5 year anniversary of the first Divine Liturgy served in this community, our second year in the current church location on Plaza Drive, and plans for the future.

With great joy on this day, we also welcome Macarius as newest member of the parish council. May God grant Macarius many years!

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2017 Christmas Play - 12/17/17

Students from the Church School at St. Tikhon Mission presented a Christmas program for the parish, after the Divine Liturgy.  Characters from the play were the Virgin Mary, Archangel Gabriel, Saint Elizabeth the Mother of Saint John, Saint Joseph, angels, shepherds, and the Wise Men. Our sincere thanks to Transfiguration Cathedral for the program materials and costumes, as well as everyone involved from St. Tikhon Mission - the children, the choir, our reader, the Church School teachers and to Masha Maria for directing.  We hope to continue this wonderful Christmas program in years to come.

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2017 FMSC Mobile Pack Event - 10/28/17

Volunteers from St. Tikhon Mission, in hairnets and bright blue shirts, joined the mobile packing event in Parker for our third year along with other church, school, and community groups. Feed My Starving Children provides nutritional meals for malnourished children around the world. Each time we finish another case of food packages (rice, soy, vitamins, and dried vegetables), ready for shipping, our group shouts loudly over the music in the warehouse, in different languages that "CHRIST IS RISEN!"

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Elevation of the Holy Cross - 09/14/17

The Elevation of the Holy Cross (Exaltation of the Cross) is one of the Great Feasts of the Orthodox Church, celebrated on September 14.

Before Thy Cross we bow down in worship, O Master, and Thy holy Resurrection we glorify.


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2017 Annual Parish Picnic - 08/26/17

Food, fellowship, farm animals, and more at the annual parish picnic held at a parish family home in Elizabeth, Colorado, followed by evening vespers.  A favorite event for all ages!

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Archbishop Visit - 08/13/17

St. Tikhon Mission was honored to welcome Archbishop Benjamin for hierarchichal Divine Luturgy on Sunday, August 13th, and Great Vespers on August 12th, along with many visitors.

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Divine Liturgy Begins at Home!

...with the baking of communion breads. Here are some photos of small prosphora (pros = forward, phora = bring/brought) that the faithful offer up to God. The faithful write down the names of people living or dead on a piece of paper or a small prayer-list book. The names and a prosphora loaf are taken into the altar where the priest says intercessory prayers for those specified. The ones pictures are about 2 inches in diameter.  READ FULL ARTICLE

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Pascha 2017 - 04/16/17

CHRIST IS RISEN!  St. Tikhon Mission celebrates the greatest of all holy days, the feast of Christ's resurrection.

Christ is risen from the dead, trampling down death by death, and upon those in the tombs bestowing life!

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Holy Week 2017 - 04/14/17

Holy Week services were held at St. Tikhon Mission on April 13, 14, and 15: Holy Thursday, Great and Holy Friday, Holy Saturday.  In the photographs you will see the Tomb of Christ adorned with flowers and and the Crucifix, which is a recent gift to the Mission.

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Lazarus Saturday and Palm Sunday - 04/09/17

Services on Lazarus Saturday included Divine Liturgy and Evening Vigil; on Palm Sunday a Procession around the building

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St. Tikhon Feast Day - 04/07/17

Annual parish feast day for our Patron Saint:  April 7, repose of St. Tikhon, Patriarch of Moscow and Enlightener of North America

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Annunciation - 03/25/17

Annunciation of the Most-Holy Theotokos and Great Vespers on the Forefeast of the Annunciation (April 24); also several of our parishioners attending Pan-Orthodox Lenten Vespers on Sunday 4/26 at St. John The Baptist Serbian Church

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Sunday of the Veneration of the Holy Cross - 03/19/17

On the Third Sunday of Great and Holy Lent, the Orthodox Church commemorates the Precious and Life-Giving Cross of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Services include a special veneration of the Cross.

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Sunday of Orthodoxy - 03/05/17

On the first Sunday of Great Lent we celebrate the Triumph of Orthodoxy in memory of the final defeat of Iconoclasm and the restoration of the icons to the churches.  Here are photos from our 2017 procession around the building in Parker, Colorado. We carry our icons while singing the traditional hymns. 

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Forgiveness Vespers and Clean Week - 02/26/17

Forgiveness Vespers marks the beginning of Great Lent with the ceremony of mutual forgiveness, at which all present will bow down before one another and ask forgiveness.  In this way, the faithful begin Great Lent with a clean conscience, with forgiveness.

A Presanctified Liturgy was also held March 3rd - Clean Friday - at St. Tikhon Mission. The entire first week of Great Lent is often referred to as "Clean Week" for the leaving behind of sinful attitudes and non-fasting foods. 

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New Catechumen - 02/24/17

We welcome new catechumen Jennifer: 

O Lord our God, who dwellest in the heavens, and lookest down upon all thy works, look down upon thy servants, the catechumens, who have bowed their necks before thee, and grant them a light yoke. Make them honorable members of thy holy Church, and vouchsafe unto them the laver of regeneration, the forgiveness of sins, and the robe of incorruption, unto the knowledge of thee, our true God.

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Funeral of Jacque - 02/24/17

Handmaiden of God Jacqueline Kemper fell asleep in the Lord on February 18, 2017.  Jacque was a founding member of St. Tikhon Orthodox Mission in Parker and a dear friend to all in our parish community.  Photos from the funeral service held at St. Tikhon Mission and burial at the Olinger Chapel Hill Cemetery are posted with permission from the Kemper family.  May her memory be eternal!

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Proskomedia, Children's Sermon - 02/05/17

Father Alexander gave a children's sermon about the Proskomedia - the Liturgy of Preparation - during which the Priest prepares five loaves in remembrance of the five loaves that fed 5,000 people in the Gospel.  Both children and adults were attentive to this rare opportunity!

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First Crowning Ceremony at St. Tikhon Mission - 12/31/16

The St. Tikhon parish community gathered today, along with Father Andrew visiting from Chicago, for the crowning of Luke and Jenny (Mary), on the 14-year anniversary of their civil union.  This was the very first wedding service at St. Tikhon Mission!

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Nativity Services and Visiting Clergy - 12/24/16

December 24th - Eve of the Nativity

December 25th - Divine Liturgy, Nativity of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

December 26th - Divine Liturgy, Synaxis of the Most-Holy Theotokos.  Fr. Andrew Harrison and F. Kyrill Williams serve with our own Fr. Alexander Vallens.

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2016 Thanksgiving Program - 11/27/16

Our youngest group from St. Tikhon Mission gave a delightful presentation to share some history about our country's traditional holiday, "Thanksgiving."  Special thanks to Matushka Maria and to Marie for writing the program, and of course many thanks to the children!

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2016 Mobile Pack Event - 10/29/16

In 2016 we resumed participation in Feed My Starving Children (FMSC), the Christian aid organization that aims to provide healthy meals to malnourished and starving children throughout the world. On this date, 14 adults and children from St.Tikhon Mission headed to the Parker United Methodist Church to help pack the nutritious meal pouches for FMSC.

Fr. Alexander reports: "It was not only a blessing to contribute to this excellent ministry, but we proclaimed an Orthodox presence in the Parker area by participating as a group, decked out in our blue St. Tikhon “Christ is Risen” t-shirts."

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2016 Parish Picnic - 08/20/16

Third Annual Parish Picnic held at a parish family home in Elizabeth, Colorado.  Everyone enjoyed amazing food, outdoor activities and gardens, farm animals, and a live band.

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Sunday after Transfiguration - 08/07/16

We celebrated the Divine Liturgy on the Sunday after Transfiguration with an honored visit from Bishop Daniel - the Right Reverend Daniel, Bishop of Santa Rosa, CA.

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Pascha 2016 - 05/01/16

Holy Saturday, Great and Holy Pascha, and Agape Vespers and Picnic: April 30-May 1, 2016.  

It was a great joy to hold our mission's first Paschal services in the new space.

Following Agape Vespers, we had our annual Agape picnic at the Hidden River HOA clubhouse.

(49 images)

Presanctified Liturgy and Patronal Feast - 04/07/16

We held Presanctified Liturgy and celebrated the Feast Day for St. Tikhon along with an open house in our new meeting space, where we had many visitors.

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Construction and Moving, January 2016

We have a new facility that we moved into and had our first Vespers service on January, 23rd, 2016. We started work on the new facility on Jan 1st. It was an existing building, and there was quite a bit of construction work to be done (new walls, flooring, paint, etc.) that took several weeks to complete with the help of a lot of people. Our original goal was to be in the new space by the end of January, and we hit our goal and had an open house and Vespers on Jan 23rd. It took a lot of effort to make this happen. Thanks to all involved for your great dedication and work to get this completed on schedule.

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Theophany - Blessing of the Waters - 01/10/16

The service of the Blessing of the Waters was conducted following the Divine Liturgy on January 10, 2016.  This was one the last services in our old meeting space before the move. We are extremely grateful to the Hidden River HOA for allowing us to conduct weekly services in their clubhouse for over two years until we were able to move into our own location.

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2015 Highlights

2015 parish events included the Icon Exhibit, a visit from Archbishop Benjamin, Music Director Workshop; continuation of weekly services at our clubhouse meeting space, annual parish picnic and much more.

(20 images)

2014 Highlights

2014 parish highlights include formation of parish council, first patronal feast celebration for St. Tikhon, booth at Parker Days, Ruth Chapel event, first annual parish picnic, Feed My Starving Children service outreach project, and Heavenly Hosts party.

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First Liturgy - 12/09/12

**New Mission in Colorado** (News Article from Diocese of the West,

The cold and the snow did not deter the faithful from celebrating the first Divine Liturgy of the newly established Orthodox Mission in Parker, Colorado on Sunday, December 09, 2012. Inspired and led by Father Anthony Karbo, this group of 41 missionaries planted the seeds of Orthodoxy on fertile ground in an area of the Southeastern Denver Metro area containing 60,000 people but not one Orthodox Church of any jurisdiction. Faithful from Elizabeth, Parker, Aurora, Centennial, Colorado Springs and Littleton converged on this neighborhood community center to establish this foothold of Orthodoxy.

From the portable iconostasis to the angelic voices of the choir, this first service exceeded everyone’s expectations. This mission is a collaborative effort of three OCA parishes in the Rocky Mountain Deanery; Holy Theophany in Colorado Springs, St Herman’s in Littleton and Holy Transfiguration in Denver. Although this mission church is sponsored by the Orthodox Church in America, its goal is to become a pan Orthodox oasis for anyone to have a place to worship should they not be able to travel to other churches in the area. Attendees of today’s services acknowledged they travel anywhere from 25 minutes to over an hour to get to the nearest Orthodox church from their homes.

After the service, everyone shared in fellowship over a pot luck luncheon. For now, the mission will celebrate Diving Liturgy on the second Sunday of each month, starting at 9:30 am. Through God’s grace they hope to expand beyond the 41 people who attended this first service and reach out to others; providing the opportunity for many to worship our Lord and Savior who live in the Southeast Denver Metro area.

The Holy Spirit is indeed inspiring this group of missionaries as they spread the work of our Lord to a section of this Denver Metro area. All of the people involved in cultivating this vineyard of our Lord ask that you keep them in your prayers as they continue to spread his word. 

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Upcoming Services
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Sunday, September 22nd
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News Updates
- 09/14/19

Weekly Bulletin: September 15, 2019

Sisters of St. Elisabeth Convent Visiting on September 25 - 09/14/19

Please join us at St. Tikhon Mission on Wednesday, September 25 at 6pm for a Moleben Service, and stay afterwards with our special visitors, Sisters from St. Elisabeth Convent, Minsk, Belarus. Items made by the sisterhood will also be available for purchase.

Women's Bible Study - 09/03/19

The weekly Women's Bible Study meetings will re-commence on Tuesday, September 10th at 6:30pm.

Charity of the Month - September - 09/03/19

September: please join St. Tikhon Mission in supporting the Colorado-based charity, St. Ephraim Center; collections are held every Sunday.

The total for the August charity, Feed My Starving Children, was $797.10. Thank you to everyone in the parish community for your support.

Feed My Starving Children on September 28 - 08/24/19

St. Tikhon Mission will participate in Feed My Starving Children - Mobile Pack on September 28th at Parker UMC. Please let Father Alexander know if you would like to join our group, space permitting!

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