Divine Liturgy Begins at Home!

...with the baking of communion breads. Here are some photos of small prosphora (pros = forward, phora = bring/brought) that the faithful offer up to God. The faithful write down the names of people living or dead on a piece of paper or a small prayer-list book. The names and a prosphora loaf are taken into the altar where the priest says intercessory prayers for those specified. The ones pictures are about 2 inches in diameter.  READ FULL ARTICLE

1. Prosphora dough, after it is risen once, is rolled and cut into circles, two per loaf shown here in the Slavic tradition. One is stamped with a seal. On this Russian-style seal, the seal forms the letters IC XC, Jesus Christ's first and last initials in the Greek alphabet, and NIKA, Greek for "victory".
2. The prosphora are assembled, one stamped circle stop a plain one. Each prosphora is pierced with a skewer or toothpick 5 times, representing the 5 wounds Christ received during his Passion, placed on an ungreased baking sheet or pan, and baked.
3. Baked, fresh prosphora is cooled to room temperature and ready to be offered! With the convenience of modern refrigeration, they can be packaged and frozen for use for as long as a month or thereabouts, then thawed when needed.