St. Tikhon Orthodox Christian Mission
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More Ways to Support St. Tikhon Mission

King Soopers and All Kroger Brand Stores

Register your Soopercard for a free and easy way to support St. Tikhon Mission. Log in or create your Soopercard account at their website  Once you’ve signed in, search for “St. Tikhon” in the search bar.  You can also use our organization ID, which is QI439. Follow the prompts and you’ll be set. The entire process only takes about 3 minutes and then you never have to think about it again. You can even ask your friends and family who would be willing to connect their cards to support St. Tikhon's.  The program is valid throughout North America at any Kroger brand store.

Once you register your Soopercard (or other frequent shopper card from a Kroger brand store) on the site to connect to St. Tikhon Mission, every time you make a grocery or gas purchase at a King Soopers (or any Kroger store), St. Tikhon gets a percentage based on Kroger's quarterly community rewards pool. The more you shop, the greater share our parish will receive. 

Besides King Soopers, there are many other Kroger stores around the country at which your purchases can help to support St. Tikhon's after you register: City Market, Fred Meyer, Pick-N-Save, Owens Market, and many more. To find your local Kroger store, go to and search under Stores.

Safeway Cards

Safeway shoppers can also support St. Tikhon Mission any time you shop at a Safeway grocery store or fuel station. To get started, please see Jon at church to purchase a Safeway gift card that is connected to our parish. Then you simply re-load the card at Safeway and use it every time you shop or buy gas.  Safeway sends our parish a check several times throughout the year based on a percentage of the total purchases made through these cards. 

Thanks to all for your help in continuing to support the Mission through the grocery store programs!