St. Tikhon Orthodox Christian Mission
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Service Schedule for St. Tikhon Mission
St. Tikhon Orthodox Mission Welcomes You
St. Tikhon Orthodox Mission Welcomes You
St. Tikhon Orthodox Mission Welcomes You

We meet every Sunday at 19035 Plaza Drive in Parker, Colorado.  Hours (prayer readings) begins at 9:10 am and the Divine Liturgy is celebrated at 9:30. The service is followed by coffee, food and fellowship. 

On Saturday evenings is Great Vespers. This service begins preparation for the Divine Liturgy on Sunday. It is also an excellent learning service for visitors, catechumens, friends, family and anyone else who would like to learn more about the Orthodox faith.

Confession is available and encouraged on certain Saturdays after Great Vespers, as announced on the calendar. Other times can be arranged for confession by appointment with the Priest, or if necessary, prior to the Divine Liturgy.

Wednesday evenings is Small Compline for evening prayers and to honor the Saints of the day; light refreshments are offered following this service.

Adult learning classes and youth events are offerred at various times throughout the year, as announced.

In addition to regular weekly services, we observe the Twelve Great Feasts throughout the year, and have services and events at other times as well.  Be sure to view the calendars on this page for all information.

Visitors are always welcome to all services.

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February 2020 PDF Calendar


There may be minor changes to scheduled services after the printed calendars are released. Check the "Upcoming Services" section of this page for the most updated information.

Upcoming Services
Friday, February 21st
6:00 pm Choir Rehearsal
Saturday, February 22nd
4:30 pm Memorial
5:30 pm Great Vespers
Sunday, February 23rd
9:10 am Hours
9:30 am Divine Liturgy
Wednesday, February 26th
6:00 pm Small Compline & Saints of the Day
Saturday, February 29th
5:30 pm Great Vespers

News Updates
- 02/15/20

Weekly Bulletin: February 16, 2020

February Notes - 02/08/20

Contact Father to schedule your house blessing

- Saturday, February 22, 4:30 PM: Third anniversary memorial service for Jacque Kemper

- There will be NO Women’s Group on either Tuesday, February 18 OR Tuesday, February 25.

- Looking ahead: Great Canon of St. Andrew of Crete services will be held March 2-5 at 6pm (Monday through Thursday) during the first week of Great Lent

Charity of the Month - February - 02/05/20

February: please join St. Tikhon Mission in supporting the Battered Women's Shelter.  Collections are held every Sunday.

The total for the January charity, Project Mexico, was $703.11. Thank you to everyone in the parish community for your support!

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2/6/2020: The February 2020 newsletter is posted

1/26/2020: The February 2020 calendar is posted

1/11/2020: A new event added to the Photo Gallery

11/30/2019: NEW PAGE! Music from Our Choir

11/30/2019: Updates to page with 1905 news article, St. Tikhon in Colorado

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