St. Tikhon Orthodox Christian Mission
19035 Plaza Drive, Parker Colorado 80134
You Can Help the Mission Grow!

St. Tikhon Mission Building Fund

Since we met our initial fundraising goal of $75,000, our building committee has assessed property values and the rental market in the southeast Denver Metro area. They discovered that a property suitable to both our current needs and potential future growth will cost $1 million+. We would like to increase our current fund in order to be positioned to negotiate terms for properties up to $2 million.

Donations to the Building Fund can also be applied to the rents and tenant-improvement costs of a larger leased space, if that is where the Lord leads us in the midterm. We must grow the fund to be ready for either situation.

In Spiritual Transformation and Giving (Ancient Faith, 2023, p. 3), Bishop Alexei of the OCA Diocese of Alaska writes, “Mercy is the primary divine energy, activity or action that we pray the Lord God will have on us and on His world. It describes perfectly how the gospel changes our own orientation toward what we have, which in turn reaches into who we are meant to be. We have what we have in order that we may be merciful stewards of God’s own mercy towards us…. “

Thank you for your past generosity, and please continue to show God’s mercy to his flock in Parker, Colorado.

We've raised
Thank you for your Generous Support

St. Tikhon Mission continues to accept contributions throughout the year towards the building fund.

To help even more, please consider increasing your donation to "cover fees" by using the checkbox in the payment screen, and/or choose the BANK method for lowest fees. Processing fees are 2.75% plus 30 cents per transaction if using credit/debit card or 1.0% plus 30 cents per transaction if you choose a direct bank draft.

You can also mail a check to St. Tikhon Mission, 19035 Plaza Drive, Parker CO 80134 and write "Building Fund" on the memo line of your check.

St. Tikhon Mission is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.