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Discord & Strife in our Land + Reopen on Sunday


Dearly beloved in the Lord,

Glory to Jesus Christ!

As the subject line indicates, St. Tikhon Mission is planning (limited) "reopen" of our church this coming Sunday, June 7, Holy Pentecost! However, due the great amount of civil strife and discord currently within our country, that information is offered later in this message. First I would like to address the turmoil we are observing around us.

The Holy Synod of Bishops of the Orthodox Church in America have issued a statement "on Recent Tragic Events":

The short, but poignant, words of the bishops categorically and unequivocally state the Orthodox "position" of equality of all human beings in the eyes of God and His Holy Church, and extends sympathy and prayers to the newly-departed George Floyd, his family, and all those touched by the atrocities witnessed in his brutal death. Additionally, our hierarchs call upon each of us, regardless of personal distance to the horrible events we are witnessing around us, "to engage in the service of righteousness and peace in the Holy Spirit." For this reason, I will be serving and broadcasting, via our usual Zoom & Facebook Live streaming, "A Moleben for the Salvation of our Land and the Appeasing in it of Discord and Strife"

this evening, June 3, at 7:00 PM MDT. * I invite everyone to join the stream and to pray along via the service accessible here:


On a happier note, and as mentioned earlier, this coming Sunday, June 7, Holy Pentecost, St. Tikhon Mission will reopen its doors to all parishioners, but with a few limitations. Most notably, due to the requisite 6 foot distancing requirement, we have limited capacity in our small space, and therefore require sign up ahead of time to be present: Additional expectations and requirements for attendance are listed on the sign up page, so please bear in mind that by submitting your information to be present in church for the service you are agreeing to those terms. If you are uncomfortable with those terms, or are unable to attend due to the capacity limit already reached, we will continue to offer Holy Communion at the door of the church for no more than 30 minutes following the service, as has already been the case for the last 2 weeks. We are now asking, however, that those wishing to receive Holy Communion at the door sign up, marked "Communion at Door (Attend Online)" at the bottom of the same sign up sheet linked above, to do so ahead of time, so we are able to known whom to expect after the service.

I assure everyone that we, the clergy & council of the Mission, are doing our best to accommodate as many people as possible, while fulfilling the requirements & expectations of our hierarchs and civil authorities in response to the pandemic. Our goal is to make our church as safe and comforting for as large a number of our faithful as possible. I certainly do wish the COVID-19 era would just end and we could "return to normal," the way things were just 3 short months ago, but that, as we see throughout the entire world, is simply not possible, so your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated!

I hope to see you at church soon!

With love in Christ,

Father Alexander

* Just a reminder: as always, up-to-date service & streaming information is available via our electronic calendar, to which one can subscribe, at, as well as on our Facebook page .

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Sunday, July 5th
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